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Bayursan is a wire rope hoist and crane manufacturing company and produce single double girder overhead bridge cranes, monorails, gantry, shipyard, power plant cranes, EOT cranes electrical wire rope hoists, end carriages, heavy duty, crane kits, components and accessories, industrial lifts and material handling machines in İstanbul Türkiye.

Bayursan today has its own manufacturing site of over 4500m2 totally, consisting of 3500m2 covered and 1000m2 open area. (...)

   Class Royal Hoist Units

Reward of TUBITAK to Bayursan

“Special Purpose Group Crane” project, developed by Bayursan was awarded by TUBITAK. The project developed for the entering ability of the hook blocks to the adjacent hall in case the overhead cranes work in adjacent halls, by this way to transfer the materials from one hall to adjacent hall in the highest level and the ability of performing the assembly operations easily together in both halls was deemed worthy as a complimentary reward by TUBITAK. (...) (other announcements..)


Our company is specified in production of its own so called CR "Class Royal" series of technological wire rope hoists up to 63,000 kg capacity. These machines have a lot of considerable advanced features most of patented in Türkiye. Mainly three types of hoisting groups consisting of six different sizes of series, so called CR "Class Royal" cranes. (...)

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These groups are designed mostly for heavy and extra heavy loads and special designs for super heavy lifting loads. "U Series" of lifting groups principally have twin-type of wire rope drums, so the hook always moves within the same vertical line dividing meanwhile the loading forces always equally to the main girders. This arrangement also gives the operator much more accurate control of loads in their operations. (...)

for Heavy loads U Series Hoist Units


The wheels may be special steel as 4140 alloy steel, GGG-70 copper alloyed spheroidal cast iron or may be kestamid or polyamide etc. due to their wheel sizes, required loading capacities and velocities etc. Wheel base diameters and shapes may differ at standard sizes according to their functions. They may be entirely flat, conical or circular grooved or one or two sides tapered etc.

Units can be either locomotive or vagonet type. Locomotive units can be activated (driven) by electrical motors with gear box units and brakes. The wheel of the unit can be directly driven by an hub shaft or by a pinion gear when wheel is of geared type.

Locomotive type wheel units or driving units consist of rectangular tubular steel profile, wheel, motor driving unit that composed of electrical motor with gear box and brake, bumper plate with rubber bumper, ridge plate and saddle plate. Vagonet type wheel units or driven units consist of rectangular tubular steel profile, wheel, bumper plate with rubber bumper, ridge plate and saddle plate. (...)

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View Bayursan's special design project crane references.

Special design project cranes

Bayursan crane company thus solving a lot of lifting and handling problems as seen above over 30 years of exprience, created a new generation of its standart so called CE certificated CR Groups of monorails and hoists having a lot of patented abilities.

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